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   Shengzhou Golden Lion Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. (new company: Zhejiang Chuangyu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.) is located in the east of Zhejiang, China, with Ningbo in the east, Taizhou and Wenzhou in the south, Jinhua and Yiwu in the west, Hangzhou and Shanghai in the north, belonging to Zhejiang Province "one-hour economic circle" and "Yangtze River Delta two-hour economic circle". It covers an area of ​​68,000 square meters, has 380 employees, and has a development center. The company introduces multi-axis technology from Germany and Japan, and cooperates with universities and research institutes to develop more than 30 patented technologies, continuously improving the degree of automation, and allowing users to make high-precision springs as simple as possible, even when winding complex springs. One-time forming without additional processing. Its products have the characteristics of "quick tuning, precise and accurate, stable and reliable, and simple operation"; after being put on the market, they have obtained Tianjin Jiji Rail Transit Co., Ltd. (CNR), Nanfang Huitong Co., Ltd. (CSR), and China Nuclear Jianzhong Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group and Second Machinery Group (military industry enterprises), Hubei Xinbaoma Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Spring Co., Ltd., GAC Group: Meizhou Guangzhou Automobile Spring Co., Ltd. and Meizhou Guangqi Huade Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huade Automobile Spring Co., Ltd., Chengdu Ningxing Automobile Spring Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Meili Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qianjiang Spring Co., Ltd., Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and major spring manufacturing companies in Zhuji City are favored by users, and combine With the continuous emergence of new technologies, new materials, and new equipment in the society, product updates and serialized specification extensions are carried out at any time, and smart spring forming machines with higher manufacturing precision, more complex spring shapes, and higher automation are launched every year. The new products in the market are developing in the direction of high, precise and sharp, stepping into the advanced ranks of the domestic spring machine manufacturing industry. It is the drafting unit of China's "CNC Spring Machine" industry standard, automatic forging press, and the drafting unit of national standards for safety technical requirements. . The company will always adhere to customer-centric, pursue the perfect combination of character and technology, and work together to innovate and create brilliant.
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The company has introduced multi-axis technology from Germany and Japan, and has cooperated with universities and research institutes to develop more than 30 patented technologies to continuously improve the degree of automation.

The product has the characteristics of "quick adjustment, precise and accurate, stable and reliable, and simple operation".

New products leading the market are launched every year, developing in the direction of high, precise and sharp. It is the drafting unit of my country's "CNC Spring Machine" industry standards, automatic forging presses, and national standards for safety technology requirements.

The head office specializes in manufacturing CNC spring machines and CNC spring grinding machines with wire diameters between φ0.1mm~φ23mm. The branch workshops specialize in the production of automatic spring coiling machines, torsion spring machines, straightening machines and tempering furnaces and other spring machinery and equipment, and product marketing Domestic and European and American markets.

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